Youth Development

At the Y, we don’t just teach swimming or coach soccer: We’re about youth development, ensuring that the children and teens in our programs reach their full potential by helping them grow—physically, mentally, and socially—from young children into engaged, active members of their communities.

Our individual efforts are part of a larger, collective impact: Y programs support youth development across nine proven areas of well-being—including Character, Giving, Inspiration, Health, Achievement, Belonging, Relationships, Meaning, and Safety—in thousands of communities across the country, building strong kids and strong futures.

Leaders Club

Leaders Clubs provide teens with extensive leadership training, offering opportunities for service to the YMCA and the community. Leaders Clubs also serve as a recruiting program for future Y professionals. Teens are developed as leaders, fostering within them a culture of service in addition to knowledge and training that will help them better serve others and shape a healthy and productive life for themselves.

The Davis Family Y Leaders Club meets on Tuesday evenings from 5-7 pm in the Training Room. Our first meeting will be September 19. This year we are welcoming nonmembers as well as members to participate. The annual fee is $35/$45 (Members/Nonmembers) for ages 12-18.

Click to learn more about Leaders Club at the Davis Family Y.

The Central Y Leaders Club is held Wednesdays at 5 pm in the Training Room. Our first meeting is March 7 and our last meeting will be June 6. There is no fee for this school year.

You can register for the Leaders Club program at the Y Service Desk or online.

Davis Family Y Leaders Club Online Registration

Central Y Leaders Club Online Registration

Youth in Government

The Ohio YMCA’s Youth in Government Program enhances development of the American democratic process for young people through participatory training in the theory and practice of the Ohio state government.

Youth in the program learn about the legislative process, how to write and research bills, and how to participate in elections. Their work culminates in youth serving as delegates at their state conference, debating bills on the floor of the legislature. Some have actually made bills into laws!

The YIG program seeks to build, encourage and strengthen life assets and character traits that will help teens become involved and responsible adults. All YIG activities are designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Providing leadership training and preparation to meet the needs of a democratic society
  • Stimulating interest and awareness of US and state government’s function
  • Creating opportunities for civic engagement and awareness of prominent social issues
  • Developing self-confidence and self-expression while fostering tolerance and understanding of others’ point of view
  • Cultivating the application of moral and ethical valuing processes to public policy making

Our program takes place during the school year. Middle School students meet September to November and High School students meet January to April. The programs conclude with the District Assembly in Columbus. YMCA members and nonmembers are invited to participate. The annual fee is $200 with fundraising opportunities available.

Davis Family Y

  • Meet the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month from 5-7 pm in the Training Room
  • Middle School: September 11-November 19
  • High School: January 8-April 19

Central Y

  • Meet the 1st &d 3rd Monday of each month from 5-7 pm
  • Middle School: September 18-November 19
  • High School: January 15-April 19

Click to learn more about Youth in Government at the Davis Family Y.

Register for the Youth in Government program at the Y of your choice at either the Central or Davis Y Service Desk or online (later this summer).

Davis Family Y YIG Online Registration

Central Y YIG Online Registration


Nikki Murray, Day Camp and Youth & Teen Director, 330-480-5658

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