Youth Development

At the Y, we don’t just teach swimming or coach soccer: We’re about youth development, ensuring that the children and teens in our programs reach their full potential by helping them grow—physically, mentally, and socially—from young children into engaged, active members of their communities.

Our individual efforts are part of a larger, collective impact: Y programs support youth development across nine proven areas of well-being—including Character, Giving, Inspiration, Health, Achievement, Belonging, Relationships, Meaning, and Safety—in thousands of communities across the country, building strong kids and strong futures.

Leaders Club

Leaders Clubs provide teens with extensive leadership training, offering opportunities for service to the YMCA and the community. Leaders Clubs also serve as a recruiting program for future Y professionals. Teens between the ages of 12 and 18 are developed as leaders, fostering within them a culture of service in addition to knowledge and training that will help them better serve others and shape a healthy and productive life for themselves.


Davis Family YMCA
Nikki Murray, Youth & Teen Coordinator, 330-480-5656 x 218

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