The purpose of the YMCA Swim Lesson Program is to develop competency in swimming, along with confidence, endurance, and a sense of achievement. At the Y, students learn more than just stroke technique -instructors also include activities that focus on personal safety, personal growth, and having fun.

Recently, the YMCA of the USA launched a new swim lesson program curriculum, which was fully implemented at the Davis Family YMCA in January 2017. As a result, we recommend that all children have their swim skills assessed by one of our certified instructors prior to registering for the upcoming session. While the strokes are not changing, the method of delivering the curriculum is. You will see more group practice versus one-on-one practice, which will give your child more swim time (and less time waiting for a turn). You will also see more games, which have been designed to allow students to practice the skills they are learning while having fun at the same time. One of the most noticeable elements of the new Swim Lesson program is the renaming of the classes. The cute fish names have been replaced by letter stages for parent/child classes, and numeric stages for preschool and youth classes.

Stage Descriptions

Confused by the new classifications? Don’t know the difference between a #1 and a #4? Click on the image to the right to read about the new swim stage levels. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Lesson Selector

Now that you know all the different names for the stages, it’s time to determine where your child belongs. Click on the image to the right to answer questions that will guide you to the proper lesson selection.

Swim Lesson Skills

Learn what your child (or you) will learn in swim lessons by clicking on the image to the right. We’ve broken it down into Parent/Child (6-36 months), Beginner/Intermediate (ages 3-17) and Intermediate/Advanced (ages 6-17).

Swim Assessments

Still not sure which class to register for? Contact Courtney Bleggi to schedule a free Swim Assessment at 330-480-5665 or


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Private Swim Lessons

In addition to our standard 6-week sessions that run year-round, your YMCA also offers Private Swim Lessons. Private lessons are ideal for the student who requires more one-on-one attention or possibly an adult who is learning to swim or someone who is looking to perfect their stroke.

Whatever the reason, we have a number of instructors available. We do our best to match students with an instructor based on availability, skill, and gender preferences when possible. We also offer a semi-private option where two individuals with similar ability take the lessons together.

To schedule a Private Lesson, contact Chris Hughes, Davis Family YMCA Aquatic Director, at 330.480.5665 or

Fees for Private Lessons are as follows:

1 Session: $15/$25
2 People: $12/$20

Homeschool Fit & Swim

Our Homeschool Fit & Swim program is offered for students ages 4-18 on Tuesdays from 1:15-3:00 pm from January 10-March 14, 2017. Each class consists of a 30-minute gym session, followed by a 30-minute swim lesson and 20 minutes of recreational swim time.

The gym sessions for students ages 4-5 years old are geared toward improving balance, coordination, and having fun. The gym sessions for students ages 6-18 years old are fitness-oriented and focus on improving coordination, strength, and cardio-endurance. Swim lessons are grouped by ability and focus on safety around water. Skill assessments are conducted on the first day to determine abilities, and each instructor structures lessons for their students accordingly.

During the recreational swim session, students can practice what they have learned or play in the sprays. The water slide will be open for students who meet the height requirement or have passed the swim test. Our swim instructors will stay in the extreme shallow water area and play with students ages 4-5 years old until the end of class.

Parents must accompany their child from the gym to the pool.


$50/$75 Members/Others

Click HERE to register your 4-5 yr old
Click HERE to register your 6-18 yr old

Pool Rules

Ever wonder what you are and aren’t allowed to do around the pools? Read the RULES to find out.


Chris Hughes, Davis Family YMCA Aquatic Director, 330.480.5655 or

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