What is Smart Start?

Smart Start is a FREE program for new YMCA members. In less than two hours of your time over 30 days, you will learn what really works in terms of exercise, weight loss, and having more energy and vitality—not to mention just becoming healthier.

Our highly trained staff will help you set attainable goals and provide the ongoing support necessary for your success. Your coach will spend time with you in a three-step process to learn more about you and your specific goals.

Step One


  • Get to know you
  • Learn your goals
  • Start Exercising
Step Two
  • Review your progress
  • Answer your questions
  • Learn some tips
Step Three
  • Beat the odds and succeed in your plan
  • Learn nutrition basics
  • Establish long-term goals
Want to Learn More?

Stop by the Davis Y Service Desk and one of our staff will answer your questions and start you on your way to a healthier you!

Click HERE to download more INFORMATION

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