Mike Shaffer, Executive Director
mshaffer@youngstownymca.org, 330.742.4787

Tara Bishop, Director of Aquatics & Youth Development
tbishop@youngstownymca.org, 330.742.4791

Eric Buckingham, Facility Manager
ebuckingham@youngstownymca.org, 330.744.8411 x 111

Meri Fetkovich, Director of Health & Wellness
mfetkovich@youngstownymca.org, 330.744.8411 x 155

Kyle Hillman, Membership Director
khillman@youngstownymca.org, 330.744.8411 x 127

D’Nelle Seiple, Youth Sports League Director
dseiple@youngstownymca.org, 330.742.4792

Jenn Quinlan, Community Cup Director
cup@youngstownymca.org, 330.742.4794

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